At Long Last: Introducing The Adjustable Commode And Shower Chair

It looks as if it’s taken for all time, however, the most recent in our GO-Anywhere line of the transportable commode and bathes chairs is FINALLY here. It’s undoubtedly been worth the wait!

The best-rated shower chair model has a one-of-a-kind, three-manner ADJUSTABLE seat back. The backrest can slide up or down, the place again may be moved ahead or returned, and the entire meeting can recline from a vertical ninety-degree role to a nearly horizontal one.

The CS-A bathe chair comes standard with adjustable footrests which may be moved nearer or further away from the seat, up or down and it may bend on the “knee.” Even the heel straps are adjustable for larger or smaller ft! A 2-way adjustable headrest is covered as nicely.

That’s a lot of chairs and some ADJUSTABILITY and, as is the case with any of GO! Mobility’s products, all assembly, disassembly, and adjustment can be achieved without using any gear!

“Grow-Anywhere” Shower Chair

This is the PERFECT chair for growing children as the seat returned may be moved similarly lower back and the backrest raised as a child grows, efficiently lengthening the beneficial lifestyles of the chair and disposing of the want to constantly update it as an infant grows. We should even call this the “Grow-Anywhere Chair”!

Of path, like our different GO-Anywhere Chairs, the CS-A folds up and suits into its very own non-compulsory travel case. Rick wouldn’t have it another way (consider Rick evolved the primary portable commode and bathed chair to satisfy his desires as a quad who wanted to journey)!

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