7 Tent Care – Getting The Most Out of Your Camping Tent Investment

If you are a tenting enthusiast, your single most substantial funding is your Best Shower Tent 2018. It’s far the tent that receives the maximum forget while it came time to percent up and positioned it away. It’s understandable. You have spent the weekend, or perhaps the complete week out for your favorite campground, you are a piece tired, and also you just want to percent all of it up and head domestic.

A little care with your tent will make it last a good deal longer and also you might not have any surprises when you unpack it on your subsequent tenting experience. So here are some easy tent maintenance do’s and don’ts to observe.


First, if your tent is a new one and you’ve by no means assembled it earlier than it’s a terrific idea to make an exercise run to ensure you have got all the elements. You may even probable avoid a bit embarrassment on the campsite when you pull it out and dance with it for an hour looking to figure out a way to join the dots!

One of the primary motives we buy a tent is to keep us dry, and a terrific tent should live up to that. If you do get your tent wet, say in an overnight shower or two, it is a superb idea to allow it dry and air out as soon as possible.

Disassemble it and cling it as much as dry and air out. I understand, it’s not always realistic, but it’s a perfect addition and could crossways to keeping the lifestyles of your tent. And it you’ll avoid that lousy, day after, wet tent odor!

If your tent has been set up for a few days, continually smooth it thoroughly before packing it into the stuff sack. And please do not % it up wet if in any respect viable. This occurs quite frequently and would not do plenty damage so long as you unpack it and hold it out to dry and air out as soon as you get home.

It is also vital to note that the most important enemy to your tent is UV harm from the solar. Don’t depart it out in the outdoor for extended durations as it will weaken the tent and the fly.

After each journey, it’s an excellent idea to set it up and take a look at for any debris which could you can have overlooked on the campsite. If it is grimy, use a wet sponge and slight cleaning soap to clean it.

Please don’t ever placed your tent in the washer or dryer! I’ve heard of people doing this, but the story usually ends badly. Do, however, let the tent dry out before packing it up for a garage.

Keep your poles clean. Wipe them down and use a touch car wax to get them so they will slide inside and outside of the tent sleeves and ferrules without problems.

And recall your zippers. Spray a bit silicone spray on the tooth (now not on the cloth) to maintain them going for walks smoothly.

Finally, save your tent in a cool, dry area. Avoid the attic or sheds that get truly warm. The heat can damage the coating designed to maintain you dry!

These tent care suggestions will make sure your camping tent is always in top shape and geared up to move when you are prepared to go. Practice simple tent preservation behavior, and your investment will last a lot longer.

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